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“A mother understands what a child does not say”

My sister has always been one of the people I hold closest to me in my life. Apart from the times she drives me insane and I find myself wanting to pull her hair out…I would do anything for her. Then she gave me the best gift anyone could ever give, Ruby. I now have […]

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Natalie and Imogen Photography Shoot

I went to visit a very special friend of mine, Nat, yesterday who has a beautiful little baby girl. I took photos of Imogen when she was 1 week old. She was the first baby I was privileged enough to photograph, and I absolutely loved it! 6 and a half months later, she is still […]

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The Sherlock Family Photography Session

I went to visit Maddie, Vince and Evie and meet the new addition to the family; baby Martha. I had a lovely morning  with them. Martha is a beautiful little one, I was stunned to see her full head of dark hair, even more stunned when Ruby, who is 2 still doesn’t have that much! […]

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From the beginning…

I have always been more of the ‘arty type’. At school I put myself in the art block at every opportunity.  As well as loving art, I had danced since I was little.  Dancing 5 days a week, it kind of became a part of me! I then went to the next step in my dancing, […]

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