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Naming Ceremony Photography | Bicester, Oxfordshire

You may recognise this family. I did a photo shoot for the Sherlock family when their daughter was just a couple of weeks old.  Now 5 months on, they asked me to take photos for them at her naming ceremony. It was a lovely afternoon, and the room was quite clearly full of love for them. I […]

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Sebastian | Family Photography, Oxfordshire

A family friend from a previous post who you may recognise, got in touch with me to arrange a surprise photo shoot for his lovely wife. The 3 of them (mummy, daddy and 4 month old Sebastian) came down to see me on Friday. It was so lovely to see them as we only ever […]

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Birthday shoot | Girls, Portrait Photography, Oxfordshire

A couple of weeks ago I did a photo shoot for my cousin’s birthday with her and her friends. We had such a good time and they all looked lovely. They were great in front of the camera even when the bench they sat on snapped in half and they met with the flowerbed! I […]

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“A mother understands what a child does not say”

My sister has always been one of the people I hold closest to me in my life. Apart from the times she drives me insane and I find myself wanting to pull her hair out…I would do anything for her. Then she gave me the best gift anyone could ever give, Ruby. I now have […]

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