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Chase | Baby Portraiture | Banbury, Oxfordshire

I got to meet this lovely family and their beautiful little ten week old son, Chase. What an awesome name! And I must say he was just gorgeous. It was so lovely meeting his parents, they made me feel very welcome. Although Chase wasn’t to sure to start with… Understandably he was probably thinking, who is this strange lady that I don’t recognise! So it was tricky to get a smile out of this little man. However we managed to get a slight glimpse of one posted below!

Their home was just lovely, and quite clearly full of love for one another, even the pet cats – but especially Chase. He was nice and alert when I arrived, but I then discovered that he quite enjoyed his power naps!! He would drift off to sleep then 2 minuets later be wide awake again. After being downstairs for a while we popped upstairs and put him down on the bed and he just lay there so nicely for me and slept. This time for more than 2 minuets! Later joined by Mum and Dad they lay there watching Chase sleep. I think most parents could agree that they could sit and watch their babies sleep all day long.

He looked so peaceful and they looked so proud.

It was a lovely morning, and I hope the photos remind them of a very special time.

Baby Oxfordshire Photographer

Baby Oxfordshire Photographer  Baby Oxfordshire Photographer

Baby Oxfordshire Photographer

Theres the little smile! Handsome little man.

Baby Oxfordshire Photography

Baby Oxfordshire Photography

Baby Oxfordshire Photography Baby Oxfordshire Photography

Baby Oxfordshire Photography

Baby Oxfordshire Photography

Baby Oxfordshire Photographer

Thank you for reading!

Holly x

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