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Fathers Day Photography, Oxfordshire Newborn Photographer

dad holding baby over shoulder
dad kissing and holding baby boy
dad holding baby in the air

This Fathers day photography post has been in my drafts, I am blaming the late post on my pregnancy brain! There is nothing cuter than a newborn with their daddy, so I thought we would post anyway, because who doesn’t want to gush over a newborn photo.

Fatherhood is a journey filled with precious moments, especially in the early weeks after a baby’s arrival. While much emphasis is placed on capturing the bond between mums and their newborns, it is equally important to document the connection between dads and their babies. Fathers Day photography offers an opportunity to celebrate the often underrepresented role of dads.

Capturing moments between dads and their new babies is such a special thing to do. Watching dads come out of their shells, looking at their tiny babies like they are the most precious thing in the entire world. It is truly special.

During the first couple of weeks, a lot of the focus is on the baby and Mum but a Dads role is crucial in providing emotional and physical support to their partners. Whether it’s handling household chores or soothing a crying baby so mum can rest. Mum’s mind and body have been through a lot. It can be a tricky time for Dads to navigate.

dad kissing baby on forehead

dad and baby girl
dad and baby holding hands

Dads generally have to go back to work after 2 weeks, this is such a small amount of time spent with their new baby and I know personally, that my husband has photos of him and our daughter on his desk at work and I know this gives him a boost every day. It can be hard for them to leave, they can often feel like they are missing out on all of those gorgeous new ‘newborn moments’.

Please get in touch if you want to give your partner a gift that will stand the test of time.

Dad holding baby and looking down at him

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