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Wedding Photography

I believe in keeping things simple for the bride and groom, with no loss in the quality of the pictures. I offer one wedding photography package, with images presented to the bride and groom on disc, and prints are also included. Please enquire for further information.

The disc of images comes with high resolution digital format images in which the bride and groom can print their pictures, to the size and style they need, wherever they want, as many times as they like.

My Wedding Photography Package

My standard wedding photography package cost £350.00 and includes:

  • A Photographer for 4 consecutive hours. Additional hours, if required are charged at £75.00 per hour. Note: Should you require a photographer for 2 hours mid morning, and then 2 hours later that day, please let me know.
  • All images edited, and presented to yourselves on disc, with a licence for you to make prints as you wish. I do all editing myself, and once all images have been edited, they are placed onto a disc that can be read by the vast majority of computers and Macs.
  • Social Media. If requested, I can upload the images from the day to my Facebook page (Only those approved by the Bride and Groom). This then allows you to tag, share and comment on your pictures, and also lets your Facebook friends see the pictures.

Please contact me to check availability, and arrange a meeting to discuss you wedding further.

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