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Being pregnant during a heatwave | Tips for staying cool

Finally, we have what looks like a summer here in the UK. Now for most, this is a great thing but for pregnant Mummy’s, it can feel quite the opposite – me being one of these right now at 30 weeks (get me a cold shower ASAP) Being heavily pregnant during a heatwave can definitely suck!

This is my second pregnancy and second time to experience this heat at this stage. My first pregnancy was during Covid and we had so much hot weather so I thought I would feel more equipped. The truth is, when you are heavily pregnant in this heat, it can be really pretty horrible.

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Top Tips For Staying Cool In a Heatwave

  1. Buy a fan! And put ice in front of it
  2. Putting your feet in cold water – I always find if my feet or hands/wrists are in cold water it cools my body down
  3. Stay hydrated, this is important anyway, but especially when you are pregnant and during a heatwave. I can always tell how much my daughter has drank by the colour of her wee! It should be pale…
  4. Wear loose clothing. Theres nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky and restricted!
  5. Cold and crunchy snacks – Ice lollies and apples out of the fridge are my go to!
  6. Try and stay out of the sun. This will increase your risk of dehydration so if you do go out make sure, you have a sun hate, SPF and lots of fluids.

There are so many great sources online, The NCT have some great tips for staying cool during a heatwave.

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If you have any tips, please pop me a message and help a fellow pregnant mum out!

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