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Hi everyone! Sorry my blog has been so quiet recently, I have been lucky enough to of had a very busy summer.

On the 1st August, my family and I took a little trip down memory road… When my sister and I were growing up we used to go to Cornwall every single summer for the same 2 weeks every year to a little place called Portwrinkle. It was my all time favourite place and I have so many wonderful memories there. It’s funny how many tiny details of a place you can remember!

One year, my parents decided it was time for a change and we ventured abroad and never went back, until we went back this year – for the first time in 12 years! Its safe to say I have never been so excited, I felt like a little kid again. Even from the moment we got to the top of the hill and saw the hotel in the distance, and started singing ‘ I see the sea, the sea see’s me….’ I know it’s silly right, but a family tradition that had to be done! We were all very excited. We had the most wonderful weekend, re-living all those tiny details and fond memories as a family, plus little Ruby who hopefully will have the same memories we had there as children.

This is the first proper chance I had to look at the photos, so I have just thrown some together. I hope you like them. Cornwall is definitely my favourite place to be.


Family Lifestyle PhotographyFamily Lifestyle PhotographyFamily Lifestyle PhotographyFamily Lifestyle PhotographyFamily Lifestyle PhotographyFamily Lifestyle Photography


Thank you for reading and I hope everyone had a beautiful summer, over already? I can’t quite believe it!

Holly x

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