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Checklist for your newborn session


Have you ever heard people talking about how long it takes them to get out of the house when they have a newborn? Well, it’s true. Especially in those first few weeks. If you are looking for a newborn photographer to capture those early moments, I have created a simple checklist for your session.

Everything takes time and babies are unpredictable, you can’t always predict a poo explosion and I can confidently say, they will always do it just as you are heading out of the door. As a Mum myself, I understand the stress of getting everything and everyone ready so here is a quick checklist you can refer to when preparing for your newborn session

Newborn Session Checklist – what to bring to your session

  • Plenty of nappies, just incase.
  • If you are bottle feeding, come with extra in case baby needs settling in-between shots. It’s my top priority that baby is happy and content and often little top ups can help.
  • Although i’ll always have wipes to hand, if you want to bring your own then feel free to. I know babies skin can be quite sensitive. We always want to be prepared in case of any large nappy explosions or sick ups
  • If there are any sentimental items, like a blanket or comforter that have a special meaning to you, please feel free to bring them so I can capture them in your photos for you.
  • Same goes for outfits. I have some beautiful, simple outfit choices. But, if you have any particularly special you would like to use then bring that along too.

What you don’t need to bring

  • Snacks – I will always have biscuits!
  • Hot or Cold drinks …. of course, if you are organised enough or manage to sneak in a cheeky Starbucks drive through on route then feel free to bring your chosen caffeinated drink! But, they will always be offered to you here, hot and ready to drink.

It’s worth also saying, 9 times out of 10, when you come to your session, you are normally 1-2 weeks postpartum. The chances are, you may not be quite feeling like ‘yourself’. Believe me when I say, I hear you and I understand.

Please never feel worried about how you look. We can work the photos to help you feel comfortable and I promise, there is nothing more special than witnessing the love between you and your baby, and that is all that matters.

Come comfortable, and come like you.

If wearing a little bit of makeup makes you feel better, then do it. If you are unsure on what to wear, bring a few options. I am always so happy to give you suggestions too, so please always feel free to drop me a message!

If you are looking for a newborn photographer, I would love to here from you!

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