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From the beginning…

I have always been more of the ‘arty type’. At school I put myself in the art block at every opportunity.  As well as loving art, I had danced since I was little.  Dancing 5 days a week, it kind of became a part of me!

I then went to the next step in my dancing, by gaining a place at a professional performing arts school. Moving there, I learnt a lot about myself, and a lot about what I was entering into. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and what I once loved, I sadly began to resent. This was a very hard realisation for me, and still is. This was when I knew I had to step away from it to savour the passion that was still there.  Don’t get me wrong, I will never regret going there, I learnt a lot of valuable things, met some friends that I hope to keep with me forever, and lastly was proud of some of the things I achieved there. Dance has always been a massive part of my life and although I have not danced for a while and my experience there wasn’t all-pleasant, my passion and love will never go and shall always play a part in my life.

Meanwhile, my wonderful niece Ruby was born.  Now, I have always liked taking photos, and have always been the one with the camera out! But Ruby made me realise and see a new part of my life, and this is where my photography started.  Just before Ruby was born I got my first DSLR camera – my wonderful Canon 450D.  And Ruby became, probably the most photographed baby alive! Poor baby, can’t be nice having a huge lens shoved in to your face at every given opportunity; feeding time, burping time, first bath, first giggle, the list is endless. Although I like to think I can take some credit for her knowing exactly what to do when the camera comes out ‘Cheeeeeeeese’, she’s a pro…

From the beginning…

Having Ruby in my life, made me realise how precious and special those moments are to families. We are lucky enough to have hundreds and hundreds of photos to remember these moments, thanks to my constant need to have the camera out! She has inspired me and helped me to start creating these memories for other families. Giving someone photos to have as a memory that they can keep forever, gives me such pleasure and is so rewarding. I hope I can continue to do this on my way to achieving my dream job as a full time photographer.

Thank you for reading my first blog post!

Holly  x

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