Natalie and Imogen Photography Shoot

I went to visit a very special friend of mine, Nat, yesterday who has a beautiful little baby girl. I took photos of Imogen when she was 1 week old. She was the first baby I was privileged enough to photograph, and I absolutely loved it! 6 and a half months later, she is still just as scrummy!!

New Born Baby Photographer

Nat and I have been friends for what must be 7 years now!? I will need to get clarification from this off Nat though! We became friends when she moved to my school in Year 9. I have always been what I think is ‘fortunate’ enough to have not needed to move schools. But can imagine how hard it is, especially as Nat and I are very similiar in a lot of ways so I would have been just as petrified as I’m sure she was! (sorry Nats)

We very quickly became friends, and that was that! I am so proud of her and how she is such a lovely mummy to Imogen.

Watching the different relationships between families is always wonderful. But also very touching, especially when you’re watching people you know and are close to. The love Nat has for Imogen is very easy to see and evidential in her photos. What a beautiful relationship, that I can’t wait to watch grow.

Here are some more photographs from the photo shoot when I went to visit them :)

New Born Baby Photography

New Born Baby Photographer

New Born Baby Photographer

New Born Baby Photographer

Now, when I talk about how the camera can capture special and important moments in people’s lives, and how grateful and lucky I am to be able to witness these. Here is the proof. Sitting unaided for theĀ first time.
Pretty special :)
New Born Baby Photographer
Thank you for reading!

Holly x

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