Photography Project | Week 1 – Evening Rituals

I couldn’t believe how little photos I took over Christmas. So I decided it should be to take more photos of my personal life. As I haven’t been doing so recently. I found this 52 week project so thought I would give it a go! Each week has a different theme, so you take a photo for each theme. I’m going to try my best to keep it up, and hopefully some of you will follow me along the way.

If you are interested and want to join, feel free! I would love to see your images, if you have missed a couple of weeks that doesn’t matter, just jump in. You don’t need to have a DSLR, any camera will do!

WEEK 1 : Evening Rituals

I love this theme, because it could mean so many different things! What do you do in the evening? Cup of tea and a book? Eastenders? Some of you may have children, thats when it gets interesting. Dinner times, bath times, story times…

But tonight my niece was over. She had just had her dinner and still wasn’t tiring. Whilst Ruby was playing pretend shops in the other room, my mum, sister and myself were sat talking about work around the table. We then turned around to see Ruby sat at the table…

Had to bump up the ISO, so is a little grainy, but adds to the cheekiness!

Children Photography Oxfordshire

With her feet up and Mummy’s glasses on. What a monkey! Just another night with Ruby…

Thanks for reading, check Facebook for next weeks theme!

Holly x

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