Photography Project | Week 2 -This makes me laugh

WEEK 2 :   What makes me laugh

I loved this theme, I had so many options and found it hard to decide! Again I got most of my inspiration on the day Ruby came over.

Earlier that week we had bought her some new knickers as she kept complaining that her current ones ‘stick in her bottom’ in other words, are getting a little small! These were out on the side, so she pulled them down and wanted to try them on.

She was so cute and funny, but even more funny because the new knickers were just too big for her. This resulted in her looking as though she was wearing a huge nappy! She didn’t seemed to bothered that they kept falling down…

I had to pick this photo. The expression on her face just made me giggle, she makes me crease up constantly, and this was one of those times! It’s either a confused look or a ‘yeah I have pants on my head, and???!’

I hope these made you giggle too!

Children Photography Banbury

Children Photography Oxfordshire Banbury


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Holly x

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