Photography Project | Week 3 – This makes me wish I could freeze time

WEEK 3 : This makes me wish I could freeze time

Ok, another Ruby photo. Have you ever had that moment when you look at your child/younger sister/niece/nephew and think or realise that they are growing up? That they suddenly look different? I suppose this can be a scary thought, but a beautiful one too?

I was scrolling through some photos I had snapped and when I saw this one I thought she looked different, she looked ‘grown up’ or as grown up as an, almost 3 year old can look… She definitely isn’t a baby anymore. Thats why I picked this photo. I am sure everyone has had that moment when they just want everything to stop so we don’t have to grow up.

I hope you like the photo  :)

Childrens Photography Banbury Oxfordshire


Thank you for reading

Holly x

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