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I am constantly taking photos of Ruby and uploading them to Facebook, so thought I would put some together in a blog as I haven’t for a while. I can’t believe how much she is not only physically growing but mentally too. Oh my god, this girl can talk for England and she isn’t ever 3 yet. I think we have ourselves a smart little cookie here.

My sister was telling me about when she took Ruby up for bed the other night. She gets into bed and Fern (Ruby’s mummy) gets up to leave the room, and this little voice goes

‘Mummy… Can you do me a favour??’

Fern replies with ‘What Ruby?’

‘Can you get my phone? I need to call Freddie’

This just tickled me. 1) Can you do me a favour!? 2) She needs to call freddie on her plastic (but oh so real) phone. Kids just come out with the most wonderful things. I’m sure everyone can relate to this situations. I was over at theres last night, and had the best cuddles with Ruby, this is a rarity. She is always up and running about so for her to sit and lye with me was just lovely. I treasure moments like that.

Oxfordshire Children Photographer

Oxfordshire Children PhotographerOxfordshire Children PhotographerOxfordshire Children Photographer   Oxfordshire Children Photographer

Oxfordshire Children Photographer Oxfordshire Children Photographer

Oxfordshire Children Photographer

Oxfordshire Children Photographer

Oxfordshire Children Photographer

That last one is my favourite!

Thank you for reading

Holly x

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