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Photography Project

Photography Project | Week 4 – A different perspective

WEEK 4: A different perspective Hello everyone! I’m week 4 into my photography project now. Scary how we are in February already! I found it so hard to pick a photo for this one, because I had so many I liked. I thought this was a sweet and fun shot. Bath time! High fiving with […]

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Photography Project | Week 3 – This makes me wish I could freeze time

WEEK 3 : This makes me wish I could freeze time Ok, another Ruby photo. Have you ever had that moment when you look at your child/younger sister/niece/nephew and think or realise that they are growing up? That they suddenly look different? I suppose this can be a scary thought, but a beautiful one too?

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Photography Project | Week 2 -This makes me laugh

WEEK 2 :   What makes me laugh I loved this theme, I had so many options and found it hard to decide! Again I got most of my inspiration on the day Ruby came over.

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Photography Project | Week 1 – Evening Rituals

I couldn’t believe how little photos I took over Christmas. So I decided it should be to take more photos of my personal life. As I haven’t been doing so recently. I found this 52 week project so thought I would give it a go! Each week has a different theme, so you take a […]

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